Atelier Pichita Brand Story

A strong history and vision

Founded in 1980 by Madame Pichitra Boonyarataphan, Atelier PICHITA is the result of a craftsmanship and passion that has lasted for more that 42 years now This Haute Couture house is the succession of an exceptional world shaped by this Thai artisan and expert designer. She continues to capture her family's legacy as a pioneer in Thailand's fashion industry while being the founder of Rapee Institution of Fashion.

Before her successful career, she trained as a mannequin or also known as modeling at Torrente Haute Couture after being graduated from pensionnat Valmont, Lausanne Switzerland and awarded her diploma from Jeoffrin Brys Paris, France. She then used all the know-how she has acquired to become an expert craftswoman from her distinguished heritage and upbringing background.

Inspired by her cultures and contemporary trends, her creations have continued to appear in many fashion events. Over time, Madame Pichitra has built her own wordl making her brand Atelier PICHITA the new reference in the Thai fashion world