Here’s Why You Should Get That Silk Shirt

Silk shirts are versatile pieces, and if you’re wondering whether or not you should splurge on a  cute one, we’ll give you your answer at the end of this blog post. We know you have questions,  like: 

Are they worth it? 

How strong are they? 

And who’s the best designer to invest your fashion dollar in? 

So we’re going to tell you. 

Are silk shirts worth it? 

Absolutely. You’ll never go wrong with a silk shirt. There’s probably nothing more sophisticated  than a silk blouse or shirt, and it’s a timeless piece. It’s the perfect garment to take your outfit  from plain to sophisticated and chic with minimal effort. And, there’s just something about the  way silk fabric drapes beautifully on the body that neither cotton nor cashmere can truly  accomplish. 

Silk shirts and blouses are easy to wear. You can dress them up or dress them down and still  stand out in a crowd. They have an indulgent shine about them that isn’t glaring like a satin top  while still giving you an air of luxury. 

Don’t believe us? Pair your silk shirt or blouse with your favourite jeans, tuck them into the waist  of a pencil skirt or work pants or wear them with your nicest suit. You’ll see how beautifully your  outfit transforms from cute to classy, sophisticated, chic, and even a little edgy. You’re welcome. 

How long does silk clothing last? 

The short answer is that it lasts a very long time if you know how to maintain it. It’s one of the  reasons we can attest to silk shirts and blouses being timeless pieces in your closet. With  proper care and with the recommended minimal exposure to the elements, your silk tops can  last you several years.  

Silk clothing does have specific care instructions, but they’re very durable. The care instructions  are recommended to avoid shrinkage, color fading, and fabric fraying. However, they aren’t  delicate flowers.

Always follow the care instructions on your silk garments or have them professionally cleaned if  you’re unsure how to care for them. You deserve to be draped in luxury for a very long time. So  take good care of that luxury item. 

Silk shirts

Why choose Pichita collections 

If you’re in the market for high-quality couture, the ready-to-wear ‘PICHITA' Collections is your  best choice. All pieces are handpicked by the renowned designer and will have you draped in  the work of fashion excellence that spans decades. With know-how especially in silk you know  what you are getting.  

The ‘PICHITA' collection can only be described as ethereal. The pieces in this collection are all  limited edition. So if you’re looking to have bragging rights when you’re inevitably complimented  on your gorgeous outfit we’d recommend wearing a pioneer of Thai fashion’s pieces.  

For those events needing a sophisticated look, we recommend the ATELIER PICHITA , the  semi-couture with crafted details - collections. Each look is a timeless masterpiece that will have  you turning heads. However, you’re going for a playful and light look, Madame Pichitra  Boonyarataphan’s Pichita collection is exactly what you need. You’ll definitely show off your  youthful beauty. 

Silk shirts are timeless pieces and should be a staple in your wardrobe. They’re absolutely  worth every penny and can be styled in so many ways. They can last you at least half a lifetime  —especially if cared for properly and one of the more comfortable fabrics to wear. Atelier  Pichita’s masterpieces are for lovers of all things couture and Haute couture. If you’re looking for  wearable art, we highly recommend Madame Pichitra Boonyarataphan’s pieces. So, yes. Stop  hesitating and get that silk top today.