Atelier PICHITA has such a strong personal identity and its unique to itself that when you wear Atelier PICHITA, you feel immediately confident, creative and passionate. The meticulous work of embroidery, patchwork, prints and embellishments as signature highlight the realness and rawness of the materials used. The attention to detail emitted by the craftsmen makes delicate pieces with high values in time. Likewise, the rarity of the materials guarantess an authenticity to each piece but also a singularity to each of them. 

Today, Atelier PICHITA brings together 4 different brands in which we distinguish this same high quality of sewing, the reliability and trust in these branded services.


Ready-to-wear l Lifestyle orientated


Limited pieces using Thai artisans l Thai Silk pieces


Offer services such as personalized design, masterpieces (one-off) produced in the atelier

Diffusion II par PICHITA

Offer uniform designs and optional production for high-end corporates


Why is Atelier PICHITA different?

If you are looking to stand out from others by asserting your self confidence and your artistic sense of style, Atelier PICHITA will fit you perfectly. It is dedicated to enriching the lives of independent, modern and daring women around the world. We aim to empower women that embrace their strong sense of individuality by their amazing personality.

The brand is certainly recognizable by its unique and and unparalleled personality but also by its values that are dear to it. Throughout its elegant and visionary creations you will find a mixture of passion, traditional thai craftsmanship with a rich and deep heritage.

Feeling in a more artistic/creative mood? Atelier PICHITA offers you clothes as pieces of art that you will never find anywhere else.

Why choose a silk shirt?

It all started off with the heat in Thailand.In the heat, we need to wear something light undoubtedly. What's better than a silk shirt to feel comfortable while staying effortlessly elegant?

The silk shirt is the must-have if you want something a timelessly chic piece that lasts in time in your wardrobe. It remains a piece that require caution because it is produced from rich and prestigious materials which makes it very delicate and soft when you wear it.

Why choose Atelier pichita?

It's values

Certainly Atelier PICHITA is sincere from the design of the garments to their manufacture including the choice of its raw materials. Those are Thai silk, smooth silk and crepe de Chine. The craftsmanship methods brings together embroideries, patchwork and embellishment as a signature. That's where you will find honesty, integrity and sustainability. The brand is driven by the urge to constantly rethink materials and designs. That's why besides the scarcity of raw materials you will find a true dedication in work to offer recycling recycling and natural fabric. Indeed, the brand uses to the maximum its fabrics which allows to create unique pieces as different from each other.

It's uniqueness

Atelier PICHITA is a unique brand, both through its clothing and its strong personality in which you find great sense of detail and a true inspiration of Thai culture and traditions . The high quality of its fabrics and the personalized services offered by the brand allow timelessly chic pieces worthy of works of art.

Can Thai Silk take the modern world?

With the fast fashion world spinning out of control. Consumers are now acknowledging the quality in their consumption. As Thai silk is also a natural fabric it matches Today's appreciation. With today's technology and social media , we are constantly learning styling tricks and matching different items on to our body. A Thai silk kimono or a vest can easily be worn casually with Jeans in your everyday life.


Thai silk has become well-known across the globe, and it is one of the most sought after souvenirs by tourists and visitors of the Kingdom and of course it is considered one of the finest fabric in the world with its unique patterns and colours. Thai silk is usually soft but has a relatively coarse texture with uneven, slightly knotty threads. This quality makes it extremely suitable for weaving by hand. Thai silk has a magnificent, rich, exotic beauty and, with proper care, can last a century or more.

The silk we know are usually Chinese silk tends to be smooth and satiny. Indian silk tends to be softer but more crinkly and uses richer colors. Italian silk tends to strive for a refined and elegant look but this can easily be accomplished anywhere using mechanized weaving. However, Atelier Pichita appreciates all kinds of silk and designs an exclusive print on silk where her capsule collection comes out with limited unique graphics designed in-house.